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Dynamic Women Workshops

Stress Relief

Process & Skill Development

The pressure of our current world often results in stress that impacts everything in a persons world: relationships, communication, health, decision making, and many other areas.  This workshop is intended to cultivate skills that allow you to manage the stress in your life so that you may experience a higher quality of living.

Motivation & Growth


Forming of your identity begins usually in middle school.  It is important to realize that identity is something that continues to be shaped by our experiences.  The many roles that women find themselves in can make it difficult to stay connected to the things that fuel & motivate them.  This workshop is intended to give you the time and skills to focus on your needs & looking towards the future of where you want to be.

Dynamic Women of the Armed Forces

Process & Skill Development

Women who serve face unique challenges.  Those challenges can become overwhelming at times.  It may be a single event or simply a slow build.  Either way, the skills learned in this workshop are meant to help you effectively manage the stressors that you may be experiencing in your life.

**This workshop group may be a mix of 1st responders & military/veteran, dependent on the number of participants.**