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MensWork Workshops

Self Regulation & Mood

Process & Skill Development

Joy.Anger.Exhaustion.Sadness.Content.Frustration.  All of these are emotions, and all of them are necessary.  It is when we find ourselves experiencing one emotion excessively & out of our control that it may be necessary to seek new skills.  In this workshop, you will explore different tools that you can use to manage your emotional experience & interactions with the world.


Skill Development

The intentions behind our words & nonverbal communication may not always match what others actually receive.  This workshop is meant to increase awareness of the messages that you send out to the world.

Family, Relationships & Work

Process & Skill Development

We all multiple roles that we have to fill as we go through our daily lives.  The discussion topics & skills in this workshop are meant to help you be aware of the impact that these roles have on the different relationships in your life.